ButterCo. The Deep Hydration Haven For Curl Enhancer ( Conditioner + Hair Mask )

₹ 1,300.00 ₹ 1,348.00 

ButterCo. Experience the ultimate moisture oasis for your curls with The Deep Hydration Haven. Our Curl Enhancer provides intensive hydration, leaving curls revitalized, defined, and luxuriously nourished.

Step into The Deep Hydration Haven for Curl Enhancer, a sanctuary for your curls' vitality. Immerse your hair in the rich, hydrating formula that defines and accentuates each curl. This specialized enhancer is crafted to infuse deep moisture, leaving your curls rejuvenated, frizz-free, and radiantly nourished. Elevate your curl care routine with this indulgent treatment for a luscious, well-defined curl experience.

On damp hair, apply The Deep Hydration Haven Curl Enhancer, ensuring even distribution. Allow your curls to air-dry or use a diffuser for enhanced definition, revealing deeply hydrated and beautifully styled curls.