ButterCo. Banana Shea Luxe Curl Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair

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ButterCo. Banana Shea Luxe Deep Conditioner Treatment and Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair with Jojoba, Soy, Corn & Wheat Proteins, Tea Tree Oil 200gm

Banana Shea Luxe Curl Hair Mask: Your Ultimate Hair Savior

  • Repairing Powerhouse:Targeting rough, dry, and damaged hair, our mask blends Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and proteins from Soy, Corn, and Wheat to visibly rejuvenate your hair. Witness a transformation to shinier, softer, and healthier locks. ✨
  • Strength and Vitality:Enriched with nature's best, like Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, our mask penetrates deeply to fortify your hair from within, reducing breakage and damage. 
  • Frizz-Free, Smooth Curls:Experience the magic of frizz-free, manageable hair. Our special formula with Tea Tree Oil ensures a healthier scalp and smoother curls.
  • Natural and Safe Hair Care:Embrace hair wellness with our 100% Vegan, chemical-free formula. Safe for all hair types, including colored and chemically-treated hair.
  • Healthier Scalp, Lustrous Hair:Our blend of natural proteins and Tea Tree Oil not only boosts hair volume and shine but also strengthens follicles and repairs damage. Say goodbye to dandruff and enjoy a soothing scalp.
  • Easy Application for Fabulous Results:Apply to clean, damp hair, and leave for 10-20 minutes under a shower cap, then rinse thoroughly. Ideal for weekly use on chemically damaged hair or bi-weekly for normal hair.
  • For Every Hair Type:Our mask is a wonder for curls, waves, dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. It's a versatile solution for healthier, more vibrant hair, no matter the texture.
  • Eco-Friendly and Cruelty-Free Commitment:We care for the planet and all its inhabitants. Our product is cruelty-free and packaged with eco-friendly materials.

Get ready to rock stunning hairstyles with our high-performance hair gel. Designed specifically for curly, drizzy, and dry hair, our non-greasy formula provides maximum hold without stiffness. Create beautiful, long-lasting styles that keep your curls in place all day.