ButterCo. The Ultimate Curl Nourishment Combo ( Shampoo + Curl Enhancer Conditioner + Hair Mask )

₹ 2,000.00 ₹ 2,007.00 

ButterCo. Elevate your curl care with The Ultimate Curl Nourishment Combo. Our hydrating shampoo and nourishing conditioner work in harmony to provide your curls with the ultimate nourishment, leaving them beautifully defined and luxuriously moisturized.

Introducing The Ultimate Curl Nourishment Combo, a meticulously crafted pairing designed to lavish your curls with unparalleled care. The Hydrating Shampoo delicately cleanses, while the Nourishing Conditioner replenishes moisture, leaving your curls deeply nourished, defined, and irresistibly soft. Embrace the ultimate in curl care, revealing a luscious and well-nourished curl experience with every use.

Wet hair and apply The Ultimate Curl Nourishment Hydrating Shampoo, lather, and rinse. Follow with the Nourishing Conditioner, focusing on the lengths. Revel in the ultimate nourishment as your curls are defined and luxuriously moisturized.