ButterCo - Nourishing Your Natural Beauty.

Embrace the transformative journey of care crafted just for you.


To redefine beauty rituals, making ButterCo an empowering, enriching, and essential part of your self-care journey.


ButterCo is committed to crafting versatile, organic, and nourishing solutions for hair, body, and skin, fostering confidence and celebrating the unique beauty story of each individual

Our brand ideology

At ButterCo. We envision a future where beauty care transcends the ordinary and becomes a daily celebration of self-indulgence and empowerment. Our vision is to revolutionize the beauty landscape in Gujarat and beyond, making premium curly hair care and skin care products accessible to all. We are not just a brand; We are a movement, infusing every product with the essence of "Butter Bliss". We aspire to be the trusted name synonymous with affordable luxury community pride, setting the gold standard of beauty care. Our Vision extends beyond products; It encompasses creating a culture 0of self-love, Inclusivity and self-expression. We aim to inspire individuals to embrace their natural beauty confidently and with pride.

About Founder

A connoisseur of beauty and a visionary in fashion, Vrushti Sheth, the founder of ButterCo, has always been captivated by the transformative power of cosmetics. With a background in Fashion Communication and a Masters in Visual Communication, Vrushti transformed a personal passion into a brand that resonates with authenticity and care. ButterCo is a reflection of Vrushti's dedication to elevating self-care into an art form, ensuring every individual feels cherished and celebrated.

- Vrushti Sheth

Why Choose Us

No Sulphate
No Paraben
No Silicone
Cruelty Free